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Our Dedication to Quality

All of our cattle are born and raised here on the farm.

Our beef is state inspected, vacuum packed, and frozen for lasting freshness.

Our USDA Certified Grass-fed Beef offers numerous benefits. Omega-3 fatty acids found in grass-fed beef are associated with healthy hearts and sharp minds and approach the levels found in fish oil. The saturated fat (stearic acid) found in grass-fed beef does not raise your LDL cholesterol. Rotational grazing is an important aspect of regenerative agriculture which is key to sustainable food production.

We also carry an array of other products either made here on our farm, or by other local farms in the area!


Collaborating Local Producers...

Maple Lane Farms - Charleston, ME

W.A. Beans - Bangor, ME

Black Bear Honey Company - Oakland, ME

Wolf Creek Maple - Sidney, ME

Kennebec Cheesery - Sidney, ME

Coffee on the Porch - Camden, ME

Interested in collaborating? We would love to visit, give us a call, or stop by during our hours of operation!

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